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Teatre Gaudí Barcelona
May/June 2016

Based on the story by Lewis Carroll
Adapted and directed by Sue Flack
Music composed by Julian Jahanpour 

*Twinkle Twinkle Little Mouse, Paint and Spash, The Knave's Song composed by Adam Valentine

*Lobster Quadrille and Croquet Theme composed by Dave Holmes


Julian Jahanpour - keyboards + other instruments

Dave Holmes - violin, acoustic guitar, bass

Nigel Haywood - clarinets

Erwin Broeken - guitar

Vocals by Jamie Lerner, Adam Valentine, Daniel Ewing, Marina Xeix, Sharlene Halbert, Siobhan Sheehan, Mark Aspinall and Julian Jahanpour

Designed by Judit Colomer
Costumes and Props Infestum espectacles
Lights Tony Murchland
Sound Luis Portillo, Francesc Caravaca
Hair and Make Up Mariajo Labrador, Deb Cartwright-Long, Jessica Álvarez
Choreographers Ana Micó, Naty Giménez
Stage Manager Neema Lahon, Yasmin Reynall
Photos and Video
Graphic Design Derek Zinger

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