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January - March 2021

new album out Emanations + new live album out!

Emanations cover art.jpg
JJ Trio live black and white no border.j


A little Beethoven, The Moonlight sonata

January 2020 - new Release - Martial Suite!

December 2019

Recorded a new track for my next album

September 2019

6th Sept 2019

I recorded and produced a recording by the amazing Paul Cortese on viola - 

Bach Suite 6 for viola, Allemande

5th Sept 2019 - Awesome concert with Virginia and the Wolves!

featuring special guest Cristian Poya Moya


2 years in the making!

(well over 10 if you count the older compositions and original recording sesions) 

I'm excited after long last to announce the release of my new album.

HiOktane front cover.jpg

May 2019

I composed some silent film music for Escapade theatre's Silence which was a great success. Set in the golden era of Hollywood's silent movies, it is thought provoking tale of abuse and coercion. 

It was written and directed and performed by Sue Flack and Caspar with music from myself and the incredibly talented Paul Cortese.

silence poster.jpg

February 2019

Thank you to jocular Theatre for a wonderful run of Title of Show!

It was a wonderful show and we had a blast. I played Larry and had to learn a 160 page score and play the whole music myself, just 4 singers and me on piano. That was a fantastic challenge, and the show is very funny. 

It was directed by Josh Zamrycki and featured

Ella Galt, Dan Ewing, Adam Jacques and the incredible Alex Borstein. 


Autumn 2018

Great sessions have been had in my studio - 

Recording Session

Bach Suite 6 Allemande 2nd mov 

Paul Cortese - 5 string viola

Recording Session - "Africa" by Los Alérgicos

+ music for - "A Simple Room" - horror short

with Paul Cortese lending some atmospheric viola

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 11.19.44.png

Thanks to Virginia and the Woolfs for the good soul times!

Summer 2018! 

We had a wonderful run of The Visit by Escapade theatre in early 2018. Many thanks to all who came. Look out for future shows!
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